Friday, September 18, 2009

Observin' The Kittens!

So, I'll let you all know what PVT stands for first: Pre-Vet Technician. This is my blog for my PVT course at tritech, I'll update when I'm required too and when I feel like puttin' somethin' down. (Which may or may not be often, we'll see.)

On the second day at Tritech, Ms. Lefevre gave us all a little furry surprise: Kittens! My FAVORITE! Sissy looks just like my kitty, Wynter, did when she was a kitten. Sissy is the one girl out of three kittens. Sparky is mostly white, while Leo is that adorable orange/white striped.. He's going to a guy in the PM class. Crystal convinced her friend to take Sparky, while Sissy is going to Ms. Lefevre's brother.

The first day the kittens were in class, they hardly had a chance to explore as everyone fawned over them.. Leo seemed to like my bag and spent quite a long time on top of it. Crystal took an instant liking to Sparky, I believe, as she wouldn't (and still won't!) leave him alone. I'm glad she'll be able to watch Sparky grow into an adult at her friends house!

The second day the kittens were in class, they were meant to explore, however the dogs (Honey, Daisy, Foster and Charlie) may have intimidated them in the strange environment. They stayed inside their cage for the most part that day. However, the next day the kittens were everywhere! Under the tables, on top of tables, under chairs, on shoulders, on bags, you get the point. Over the past two weeks they've become more comfortable with the surroundings. I think that (if they recieve no abuse from their new owners/owners siblings) the kittens will be very social and friendly cats in the future. We can only hope!

Leo had some devolopmental issues. Leo refused to eat except from the bottle when younger, so he stopped growing for the most part. His head and penis continued growing, causing much laughter and partial disgust among the students. Sparky has fleas, and they all have worms, causing their bellys to be distended.

This blog is getting a little long, so I'll end it with a few pictures of two of the Guinea Pigs!

The first picture is Eclair and "Chester" (the baby, we're calling him Chester Cheeto for the time being). I can't remember who was holding them.

The second picture would be Heather holding Bismark.

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